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Inguinal hernia repair without mesh or no mesh hernia surgery



Posted on February 6, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Dr. Mohan Desarda, an eminent hernia surgeon from Pune, is invited to Germany to deliver lecture and to demonstrate his invented new groin hernia operation technique in the international conference. “BERLIN HERNIA DAY” is a prestigious hernia conference organized in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. More than 500 surgeons from Europe, UK and USA take part in this conference to listen to speakers and learn more advanced operation techniques. Dr. Desarda is invited as Faculty teacher and speaker for this conference to be held on 25-26 January 2013 in Berlin.

The big problem in today’s hernia operation is that it recurs in spite of surgery again and again. It is great mental torture to face the failures of operation to the patients as well as family members. Almost all groin hernia operations are done to day where a mesh is stitched on the defect through open or laparoscopic surgery. This mesh is not safe in all respects to the body because this mesh is a simple piece of cloth prepared from the synthetic threads like Polypropylene or Polyester. Naturally, patients have to face all possible complications arising from stitching such foreign body inside the abdomen during surgery. Recurrence, pain, infection, migration, perforation, rejection, testicular ischemia are all known complications arising out of this mesh with which patient might have to suffer lifelong also. Strong nearby muscles become weak, atrophic and thin like paper causing permanent damage because mesh gets adherent to all nearby muscles and life of some patients even get ruined facing all these complications. It is very difficult and complicated to re-operate on such patients and still no guarantee of cure. In spite of this, some doctors advertise to operate with costly or 3D mesh etc. to attract patients for personal gains. Mesh and endoscope manufacturing companies also market use of mesh through doctors to increase their sails and earn more profits.

Because of this, research is going on for decades all over the world about inguinal hernias. Dr. Desarda did original research in this hernia disease and found the reason why groin hernia takes place and challenged all century old theories published in the text books by previous researchers. He also developed a new operation technique based on these new theories. It does not use any mesh during surgery, instead a strong and live strip of a nearby muscle is stitched on the hernia defect. Therefore, it gives complete cure from hernia with fast recovery. Patient can start his normal activities within couple of days without any fear of recurrence. Patients need hospitalization only for one day.

Inguinal hernia cannot be cured without surgery. Do not believe if somebody says to heal hernia with medicines or exercises or hernia belt or yoga. There is no pain in this disease so some patients neglect it and postpone surgery resulting into increase in size of hernia and its complications. So get hernia operated as early as possible from a good surgeon, Dr. Desarda advised.


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